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We specialise in technical translations and interpreting for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

We deliver projects in 24 hours

up to 2,000 words per day*

What is Linking?

We are a technical translation and interpreting agency that specialises in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.
We help facilitate communication between scientists and researchers, members of the industry, regulatory bodies, healthcare professionals and patients or end users.
Our services comply with high standards of quality and we are experienced in handling documents with different levels of complexity: we translate anything from in-house communications to documents submitted for review by regulatory bodies.
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Our team

Linking Traducciones is a multidisciplinary and multicultural team that is equipped to meet the needs of our clients throughout Ibero-America. We undeguistic nuances and variations specific to the languages of each country.
Our teams consist of linguists, translators, proofreaders, and interpreters who are experts in the specialised areas of the life sciences such as biology, biochemistry, medicine, biotechnology and pharmaceutical chemistry. This provides our translations with a high level of technical support, ensuring that the documents we deliver are coherent and accurate.
With our experience in project management both in Latin America and Europe, our capacity to unite the technical skills and diverse abilities of our team, and with the many regions our portfolio covers, we can offer more extensive services than if we served just one time zone. This allows us to finish projects quickly and more efficiently.
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Nathalia Solarte - Founder

Nathalia is a pharmacist who is passionate about science and languages. The unique combination of these two skills led her to study scientific and medical translation courses while she was a pharmacy undergraduate student, followed by a Master’s in Translation Studies with an emphasis on scientific translation.

Having lived and studied in Spain, Colombia and the United States, Nathalia has a comprehensive understanding of the contexts of the life sciences industries, the language specific to them and the technical terms used.

Her professional background has allowed her to work both in the pharmaceutical industry and in translation services, which gives her a global perspective of both worlds as well as the ability to understand how value propositions can be created where both fields intersect.
The combination of this experience is supported by her solid foundation in project and team management, a skill gained from her Master’s in Business Administration.
Our services
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Specialised translation:

Written translation in the areas of the life sciences such as biology, biochemistry, medicine, biotechnology and pharmaceutical chemistry

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Video Subtitles:

The translation of video messages or audio to text or to captions located along the lower part of the screen.

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Website Localisation:

The adaption of web pages and web content to the different language variants of the countries where the page will be publicised.

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Audio transcriptions:

The conversion of an audio recording to a plain text file in one language or that can be translated to another.

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Content analysis:

Primary and secondary analysis of marketing study interviews conducted in one language that can be translated to another.

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Sworn Translation:

Translated documents that are generally used for legal purposes. These documents must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are used by agencies both in Colombia and abroad.

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Complete design solutions:

Translations of specialised texts such as manuals, catalogues and flyers (among others) that need a layout design or some type of additional design work by our graphic designers in order to achieve a flawless final product.

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Our experience 

Our skills and professionalism have been trusted by companies both in Latin America and Europe. At Linking Traducciones, we do not just deliver a final document as the result of a project request; we work with our clients throughout the translation process in order to understand their needs, identify their target audience, and determine the language variant they need as well as the best approach to achieving all of this.
We have helped build glossaries and develop terminology that is appropriate for each client and project, resulting in final products that are consistent and have a coherent structure.

What we offer

Specialising in an area of translation like the life sciences allows us to produce documents that meet high standards of quality. This helps with obtaining the marketing authorization for your products, ensuring that they are used efficiently and safely by patients and healthcare professionals.

Several members of our team have worked in the life sciences industries which gives us an overarching perspective of the important function translations have in these industries. We therefore contribute to your value chain by providing timely translation solutions that adjust to meet demanding submission deadlines, while maintaining high standards of quality. We understand the implications of our role in obtaining marketing authorisations without delays, launching a product on time and having doctors and patients understand the proper use of your products, increasing their efficiency and safety when it comes to using them. 
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From a pharmaceutical marketing and market research perspective, we recognise the importance of being able to clearly understand how messages should adapt to each market segment, and how both market research campaigns as well as product launches should be conducted.

Our experience in this area has allowed us to take on projects related to pharmaceutical marketing in collaboration with market study consultants where we have been involved in every aspect of the study: from preparing interview materials and translating audio recordings of interviews to producing content analysis. We always use consistent terminology from the very beginning of a project to the very end, according to the specifications, demands and preferences of our clients.

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